Bearfoot Beware are Tom Bradley (guitarist, vocals), Richard Vowden (bass, vocals) and Michael Osborne (Drums).

Formed out of a mutual love of post hardcore and math rock, the band started out blending odd pop with angular styling of post punk and math to create an eclectic sound. With the release of their debut album ‘World Owes You Nowt’, the Leeds trio have developed to create a potent sonic attack resembling the likes of Fugazi, Faraquet and At the Drive In, still holding to their idiosyncrasies and creating a sound all their own. Lyrically, Tom Bradley's obsession with dystopian fantasies and a frustration with human apathy, abounds.

The record was written over a period of nine months, the band often refining songs live on tour in the UK and mainland Europe. They played pop-up gigs in communal squats, run-down toilet venues and established venues alike, and shared stages with bands such as Pulled Apart By Horses, Ought, Maps & Atlases. Through gauging their own and the audiences’ reactions to songs, they altered structures and chords whenever it didn't feel quite right. Happy mistakes aided the process: dropped beats, scratched notes or playing at different paces and moods all helped shape the songs.

‘World Owes You Nowt’ was recorded over six days at the predominantly analogue Greenmount Studios in Leeds, with engineers Lee Smith and Jamie Lockhart, who have also worked with Pulled Apart By Horses, The Cribs and Forward Russia. Mastering was finished by Jeff Lipton (Battles, LCD Soundsystem and Lightning Bolt).

The photo-collage artwork was design by Crow Versus Crow, an independent not-for-profit curatorial project based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Their aim is to contribute to the developing music scene and broader creative culture in Halifax and the surrounding area, through presenting a variety of interdisciplinary projects, involving  local, national and international artists.

In a similar spirit of community and DIY, Bearfoot Beware have begun building and promoting a collectively owned art space in Leeds - ‘CHUNK’ - for local and national artists. The venue helps musicians develop in freedom and is adding to the city's already thriving underground scene.

*For those of you who don't know, Nowt is Northern English for nothing...

Bearfoot Beware's debut album, ‘World Owes You Nowt’, is available on Vinyl, CD & Digital Download via their bandcamp.