Gig Archive

December 2010

Saturday 11th, British Wildlife Presents Bearfoot Beware, The George, Leeds, £FREE

January 2011

Saturday 22nd, Bearfoot Beware Headline Show, Escobar, Leeds, £FREE

Thursday 27th, House Party w/ Post War Glamour Girls & Moody Gowns, Moody Gowns House, Leeds, £FREE

Saturday 29th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Rotating Leslie, Royal Park Cellars, Leeds, £4

February 2011

Friday 4th, Beat Surrender Presents Bearfoot Beware, Milo, Leeds, £3

Saturday 12th, Secret Basement Party, Leeds, £FREE

Thursday 17th, Lickity Split Presents Bearfoot Beware, West Street Live, Sheffield, £FREE

Friday 25th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Lets Buy Happiness, Cockpit, Leeds, £5

March 2011

Thursday 3rd, The 2 Dollar Show presents Bearfoot Beware, The Trof, Manchester, £2

Sunday 6th, British Wildlife Festival The Fifth, The George, Leeds, £13 Weekend Tickets

Thursday 10th, First Gig In Scotland!, Whistle Binkies, Edinburgh, £FREE

Saturday 12th, Secret House Party Gig, Nottingham

Friday 18th, Bearfoot Beware w/ I Saved Latin, Cookies Bar, Halifax, £FREE

Thursday 24th, Beat Surrender Presents Bearfoot Beware, Milo, Leeds £FREE

April 2011

Sunday 3rd, Bearfoot Beware, The Maze, Nottingham, £3

Tuesday 5th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Wild Moccasins, The Well, Leeds,

Thursday 7th, Take Kontrol presents Bearfoot Beware, West Street Live, Sheffield £3

Wednesday 13th, Bearfoot Beware w/ run, WALK!, The George, Leeds, £2

Wednesday 27th, LAL Warmup w/ PWGG, Heart Ships & Moody Gowns, Fox and Newt, Leeds, £FREE

Saturday 30th, Live at Leeds, Leeds Uni Mine, Leeds, £17.50

June 2011

Sunday 5th, Juffage's Album Launch, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, £FREE

Thursday 9th, We Know Eno presents Bearfoot Beware w/ Mammal Club&Cowtown, Oporto, Leeds, £FREE

Saturday 25th, Doublw Muscle Single Launch, The Packhorse, Leeds, £2

August 2011

Wednesday 31st, Bearfoot Beware w/ Hired Muscle & Bad Body, Duck & Drake, Leeds, £FREE

September 2011

Saturday 10th, Bearfoot Beware Headline Show, Mad Ferret, Preston, £FREE

Wednesday 21st, Bearfoot Beware w/ Hides & Boxes, Night & Day Cafe, Manchester, £4

October 2011

Saturday 8th, FREAKOUT!, Rock and Roll Circus, Leeds, £3

Saturday 15th, Brainwash Festival, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, Weekend Tickets £15

Sunday 16th, 1st Carefully Planned Festival, The Castle, Manchester, £4

Wednesday 19th, Bearfoot Beware w/Mammal Club & Cowtown, Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds, £FREE

Wednesday 26th, Bearfoot Beware w/EIOH & Underground Railroad, Oporto, Leeds, £FREE

November 2011

Friday 4th, Bearfoot Beware w/Cowtown, Bar Up, Halifax, £FREE

Friday 18th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Fools Gold, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, £5

December 2011

Tuesday 6th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Mad Colours, Oporto, Leeds, £FREE

Saturday 10th, Big Xmas Horse Party, The Packhorse, Leeds £7

February 2012

Sunday 26th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Dog is Dead, The Cockpit, Leeds,  £6.50

March 2012

Sunday 4th, The Sixth Annual British Wildlife Festival, Oporto, Leeds, £12

Sunday 11th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Johnny Foreigner, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, £5

Sunday 18th, Richard Parker's Single Launch, Fox and Newt, Leeds, £2

April 2012

Sunday 8th, Life Festival, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, £6

Thursday 19th, Moody Gowns/Bearfoot Beware (Split 7" Launch) & MHG, Musiquarium, Leeds, £3

Saturday 21st, 11th Carefully Planned All-Dayer, The Castle, Manchester, £5

May 2012

Friday 4th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Hot Head Show & Moody Gowns, Dublin Castle, London, £7

Saturday 5th, Live At Leeds 2012, The Well, Leeds, £20 Weekend Tickets

Wednesday 23rd, Bearfoot Beware w/ Backyards, Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds, £FREE

Wednesday 30th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Beware Wolf, Zephyr, Huddersfield, £FREE

June 2012

Friday 1st, Woolgather Art Prize, The Loft, Leeds, £FREE

Sunday 3rd, British Wildlife Goes West Festival, Night & Day Cafe, Manchester, £5

Wednesday 6th, Nick Simcocks 27th Deathday, Oporto, Leeds, £FREE

Wednesday 20th, Bearfoot Beware Futuresound Heat, The Cockpit, Leeds, £2

August 2012

Saturday 25th, Reading Festival // BBC Introducing Stage, Reading Festival, Reading

Sunday 26th, Leeds Festival // BBC Introducing Stage, Leeds Festival, Leeds

Friday 31st, Bingley Music Live // HEADLINING Musicians Centre Stage, Myrtle Park, Bradford

September 2012

Saturday 29th, Super Luxury's Tape Launch, The Packhorse, Leeds, £3

October 2012

Wednesday 3rd, Bearfoot Beware w/ Wot Gorilla? & Blood Sport, JT Soar Warehouse, Nottingham, £6

Friday 19th, Bearfoot Beware Headline, The Exchange Arts Centre, Keighley, £3

Saturday 20th, A Carefully Planned Festival #2, Kraak, Manchester, £10

Monday 22nd, Bearfoot Beware w/ My Disco (AUS), Wharf Chambers, Leeds, £5

December 2012

Wednesday 5th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Vasco Da Gama, MHG & Blood Sport, Wharf Chambers, Leeds, £5

Wednesday 12th, Christmas Party, Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds, £FREE

March 2013

Saturday 2nd, Seventh British Wildlife Festival, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, £15

Monday 4th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Maps & Atlases, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, £9

Tuesday 5th, The Session, Linnet and Lark, Hull, £FREE

Thursday 7th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Tor & upcdownc, Ryans Bar, Derby, £FREE

Saturday 9th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Delta Sleep & Quadrilles, The Seabright Arms, London, £5

Friday 22nd, Bearfoot Beware w/ Gunning For Tamar, Bar 1:22, Huddersfield, £FREE

April 2013

Sunday 14th, Bearfoot Beware w/ BATS & Cassie, Kraak, Manchester, £5

Saturday 20th, 16th Carefully Planned All-Dayer, The Castle, Manchester, £5

May 2013

Friday 3rd, Live At Leeds Unconference Bearfoot Beware w/ Black Moth & Wet Nuns, The Wardrobe, Leeds, £5

Sunday 26th, Post Oak Festival w/ Turbowolf, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, £10

July 2013

            Friday 13th, FREAKOUT!, Rock & Roll Circus, Leeds £4

            Friday 26th, Fell Foot Sound 2013, Cumbria £43.50

            Sunday 28th, Marty Alright The Captain's 30th Birthday Party!, The Shakespeare, Derby, £FREE

August 2013

Friday 16th, Alpha Male Tea Party's EP Launch w/ Cleft, Bearfoot Beware & Sam Walter, Kraak Gallery, Manchester, £3

Monday 26th, QUIDROPHENIA All-Dayer, Oporto, Leeds, £2 Charity Donation

September 2013

Wednesday 26th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Negative Pegasus & Lovecraft, The Washington, Sheffield, £FREE

October 2013

Wednesday 2nd, 3RD EP LAUNCH! w/ Alpha Male Tea Party & Humans As Ornaments, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, £FREE

Wednesday 9th, Bearfoot Beware w/ ? , Bar1:22, Huddersfield, £3

Thursday 10th, Bearfoot Beware w/ MORE THAN CONQUERORS & Merrick's Tusk, JT Soar, Nottingham, £4

Saturday 12th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Cheap Jazz, Fallow Cafe, Manchester, £4

Thursday 24th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Justice For Dragons & Skyhitch, Mothers Ruin, Bristol, £FREE 

Friday 25th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Mayors Of Miyazaki, The Islington, London, £5

Saturday 26th, 7 Bit Arcade Halloween House Party, The Green Door Store, Brighton, £5

November 2013

Thursday, 7th November, Bearfoot Beware w/ Enemies, Invisible Cities & Unwave, The Wharf Chambers, Leeds, £6

Friday 29th November, Bearfoot Beware w/ Bear Makes Ninja & Koala, Fox & Newt, Leeds, £5

December 2013

Saturday 21st, Bear Makes Ninja, Cleft, Blind Wives & Bearfoot Beware XMAS PARTY!, Sleaford Cricket Club, Sleaford, £2

Tuesday 31st, NYE PARTY!, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, £SOLD OUT

March 2014

Wednesday 12th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Cleft, Bar 1:22, Huddersfield, £3

Friday 14th, Shrine's EP Launch w/ Bearfoot Beware, Tiger Warsaw & Real Talk, The Scene, Lincoln, £4

Saturday 15th, Shrine's EP Launch w/ Bearfoot Beware, Some Skeletons & Mender, JT Soar, Nottingham, £4

Friday 21st, Bearfoot Beware w/ Future Horizons, Tusk & James Leonard Hewitson, The Clarendon, Hartlepool, £3

Sunday 23rd, Bearfoot Beware w/ United Fruit, Katnip & Cattle, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, £5

Tuesday 25th, Bearfoot Beware w/ The Best Of Friends & Lake Michigan, The Basement, York, £4

April 2014

Monday 7th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Bear Makes Ninja, Blind Wives & CASSÉE, Cafe Rocas, Luxembourg, €8

Thursday 10th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Carton, Emporium Galorium, Rouen, €3

Friday 11th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Envoys, Rock Classic, Brussels, €FREE

Saturday 12th, Bearfoot Beware, Kinky Star Club, Ghent €FREE

Sunday 13th, Bearfoot Beware w/ The Shaking Sensations & Fall Of Messiah, El Diablo, Lille €5

Monday 14th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Action Beat, Silent Front, Le Frigo, Caen,

Wednesday 16th, Bearfoot Beware w/ We Came Out Like Tigers, ACU, Utrecht, €5

Thursday 17th, Bearfoot Beware, De Bakkerij, Castricum, €4

May 2014

Saturday 3rd, BEARFOOT BEWARE'S 100th SHOW!, Live At Leeds, The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

Saturday 31st, Veg Out Festival w/ Middleman, Juffage, Nubian Twist, Wharf Chambers, Leeds, £5

June 2014

Friday 13th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Two Trick Horse, Flowers of EvilYokozuna, Sebright Arms, London, £6

August 2014

Sunday 17th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Action Beat & Silent Front, The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, £4

September 2014

Tuesday 23rd, Fish Tank w/ Bearfoot Beware & Charlie Barnes, Oporto, Leeds, £3

October 2014

Saturday 11th, CHUNK Presents, United Fruit w/ Bearfoot Beware, Super Luxury & Unwave, The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, £5

Saturday 20th, A Carefully Planned Festival #4, KRAAK Gallery, Manchester, £10

November 2014

Saturday 29th, Bad Owl Presents, Bear Makes Ninja w/ Bearfoot Beware, Falls & Irk, The Fox And Newt, Leeds, £5

January 2015

Friday 23rd, 88 Promotions Presents, Bearfoot Beware w/ Pedro Don Key & Bi:Lingual, The Waldorf, Manchester, £3

Sunday 25th, The 1st CHUNK All-Dayer, Bearfoot Beware w/ ZoZo, Irk, Unwave & more, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, £5

February 2015

Thursday 19th, The Pleasure Grounds Presents Bearfoot Beware w/ Flash Bang Band, The Orielles & more, Caroline Street Club, Saltaire, £4.50

March 2015

Saturday 21st, Super Luxury's Album Launch w/ Bearfoot Beware, Pink Rick, Famine, Magnapinna & more, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, £2

April 2015

Friday 24th, Mountains Of Records & Buttonpusher presents, Bearfoot Beware w/ Vasa & Fall Of Messiah, JT Soar, Nottingham, £4

Saturday 25th, Yellerbelly presents Bearfoot Beware w/ Your Cat Is A Landmine & Guts, Liquor, Lincoln, £4

Monday 27th, Hello Horse presents Bearfoot Beware w/ Quadrupède, The Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield, £5

Wednesday 29th, Yeah Buddy presents Bearfoot Beware w/ Fizzy Blood & Vasa, Maguire's Pizza Bar, Liverpool, £?

Thursday 3th, Head Of Steam presents Bearfoot Beware w/ Shades & Canyons, Head Of Steam, Newcastle, £3

May 2015

Friday 1st, Bearfoot Beware w/ Quadrupède, Quadrilles & Killer Bees, Stag Of Hounds, Bristol, £DONATION

Sunday 3rd, Feels Like Summer Festival w/ Johnny Foreigner, Mutiny On The Bounty, The Spills & more, Cardiff, £10

Monday 4th, Group Therapy presents Bearfoot Beware w/ Early Mammal & Wilde Beasts, London, Sebright Arms, £6

Tuesday 5th, WORLD OWES YOU NOWT LAUNCH PARTY w/ Alpha Male Tea Party & Zozo, Brudnell Social Club, Leeds, £3

Wednesday 6th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Mutiny On The Bounty, Alpha Male Tea Party & Dialects, Ruby Lounge, Manchester, £6

Saturday 9th, Basement presents, Bearfoot Beware w/ Quadrilles, Basement, York, £4

June 2015

Friday 19th, British Wildlife & Temple Of Boom Presents Mothers, Expelaires, Bearfoot Beware, Auto Bodies, Stilts & Stocker / Eyes, Temple Of Boom, Leeds £5

July 2015

Friday 31st, Bad Owl Presents Polymath w/ Bearfoot Beware & Elizabeth, Fox & Newt, Leeds, £5

August 2015

Saturday 1st August, Go Around Captain's Album Launch w/ Bearfoot Beware, Pocket Apocalypse & The Colours , The Ferret, Preston, £FREE

Friday 28th August, Renagades Of CHUNK w/ Bearfoot Beware, Esper Scout, Super Luxury & Many More, CHUNK, Leeds, £6 day tickets or £10 weekend tickets

September 2015

Friday 18th - Sunday 20th, CHUNK in Bradford w/ Bearfoot Beware, Esper Scout, Unwave & More, Burnel Rooms, Bradford, £6 day tickets

Tuesday 22nd, Body Hound w/ Space Blood, Wot Gorilla? & Bearfoot Beware, Gullivers, Manchester, £5

Saturday 26th - Sunday 27th, Veg Out Festival 2015 w/ Post War Glamour Girls, Cowtown, Bearfoot Beware & many more, Northern Monk Brewery, Leeds, £5 per day

October 2015

Friday 2nd, Goodnight Glenn Rogers presents EXXASENS w/ Bearfoot Beware, BIG Bernie & Science Against Spheric Silence, Shaka-Laka, Hazebrouck, France, €5

Saturday 3rd, Fall Of Messiah w/ Bearfoot Beware, Light Deflection & Charbon, Le caf&diskaire, Lille, France, €FREE

Sunday 4th, Rodeoshows presents, HECK w/ San Diable, Bearfoot Beware & Monkey Juice, Antwerp Music City, Belgium

Tuesday 6th, Bearfoot Beware w/ The Quartermen, Café De Meister, Geleen, Netherlands

Wednesday 7th, Bearfoot Beware, Wild Rover, Aachen, Germany

Thursday 8th, Big Bang Promotions presents Bearfoot Beware, Le Murmure, Brussels, Belgium, €FREE

Friday 9th, BERTJE FESTIVAL w/ Bone Cult, Replica Jesus, Germanotta Youth & Bearfoot Beware, Landbouwbelang, Maastricht, Netherlands €3

Saturday 10th, KUISTAX FESTIVAL w/ Quadrupéde, Bearfoot Beware, PNEU, Don Vito & More, Magasin4, Brussels, Belgium €15

November 2015

Sunday 8th, SWN Festival w/ Bearfoot Beware, Palace, Flyt, Beach Baby & Many More!, Gwdihw Cafe Bar, Cardiff, £42 Weekend Tickets

Friday 13th, Button Pusher Presents Bearfoot Beware w/ Isaac & Deaf Bridges , JT Soar, Nottingham

Saturday 14th, Small Pond Presents Broker, InTechnicolour, Bearfoot Beware & Moodhoover, Bleach, Brighton, £5

Sunday 15th, Pocket Apocalypse, Bearfoot Beware & Kid Kin, Old Blue Last, London, £FREE

Sunday 29th, Meatwave w/ Bearfoot Beware, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, £FREE

December 2015

Saturday 5th, The Flapper & Little Cavalier present Xmas All Dayer w/ Falls, Enquiry, Bearfoot Beware, Orchards & more, The Flapper, Birmingham, £FREE

Wednesday 9th, CHUNK & Glass Skull present MIRACLE ON CHUNK STREET w/ Zozo, Mothers, Bearfoot Beware, Clentsch & Ecate, Nation Of Shopkeepers, Leeds, £FREE

Thursday 31st, GEEZER, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, £SOLDOUT

March 2016

Friday 12th March, Super Friendz presents Tricot w/ Bearfoot Beware, Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, Leeds £10

Wednesday 30th March, 1988 Promotions and Sunbird Records presents Vasa, Body Hound, Bearfoot Beware & Crash Tactics, Gullivers, Manchester, £8

April 2016

Saturday 2nd - Sunday 3rd April, Bad Owl Presents Strangeforms Festival w/ Cleft, Polymath, Fall Of Messiah, Bearfoot Beware, Body Hound & More!, Wharf Chambers, Leeds, £17

May 2016

Saturday 14th May, Little Cavalier presents Cleft, &U&I, Doppelgänger, Bearfoot Beware, Classically Handsome Brutes & Arbor Lights, Muthers Studio, Birmingham, £8

June 2016

Saturday 18th June, Destroy All Monsters presents Cleft's final ever Leeds show w/ Bearfoot Beware, LEG & Clentsch, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, £5

August 2016

Monday 15th August, Space Blood w/ Bearfoot Beware, Chiyoda Ku & Classically Handsome Brutes, CHUNK, Leeds, £paywhatyoufeel

Saturday 27th August, CHUNK presents Renegades Of CHUNK II w/ Bearfoot Beware, Famine, Zozo, Cattle & many more, CHUNK, Leeds, £8

October 2016

Thursday 13th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Chiyoda Ku, No Violet & Leg, Stag & Hounds, Bristol, £paywhatyoufeel
Friday 14th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Chiyoda Ku, Four Bars, Cardiff, £5

Saturday 15th, A Carefully Planned Festival #6, Soup Kitchen @ 17:30, Manchester, £20

Wednesday 19th, Vasa w/ Bearfoot Beware, RIIB & Future Horizons, Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, Leeds, £6
Thursday 20th, Vasa w/ Bearfoot Beware & a tota so, The Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham, £5

October 2016

Friday 21st, Bearfoot Beware w/ Ganglions, The Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield, £5

Saturday 22nd, Bearfoot Beware w/ Ragweed, Brighton Electric, Brighton, £FREE

Sunday 23rd, Bearfoot Beware w/ Lightcliffe & Ragweed, Old Blue Last, London, £FREE

Friday 28th, Bearfoot Beware, The Blind Pig, Sowerby Bridge, £FREE

November 2016

Friday 11th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Donnie Willow & No Teef, The Ferret, Preston, £FREE

Saturday 12th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Mums & Black Pudding, 12 Bar, Colne, £FREE

Friday 25th, Future Of The Left w/ Bearfoot Beware & Unwave, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, £12

March 2017

Friday 3rd, Bearfoot Beware w/ Undo & Gug, Fallow Cafe, Manchester, £5

June 2017

Saturday 17th, Pile w/ Peacers, Body Hound, Grief Tourist, Bearfoot Beware, Modern Rituals & Bronzed, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, £FREE

July 2017

Friday 14th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Stupid Idiot & Tiger Moth, Gullivers, Manchester, £4

Friday 21st, Bearfoot Beware w/ Ramprasad & Koh, Jolly Brewers, Lincoln, £FREE

September 2017

Wed 27th, Super Luxury's Final Hot Dog Eating Contest, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

October 2017

Sat 7th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Cowtown & Pre Birds, Delicious Clam, Sheffield

Sun 8th, Hockey Hustle Festival, Nottingham

Tues 10th, Underground, Newcastle

Wed 11th, GoldMold Presents Bearfoot Beware, Bloc, Glasgow

Thurs 12th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Colour Of Spring, Sound Food & Drink Basement, Liverpool

Fri 13th, Bad Owl & CHUNK presents Dan Wild-Beesley's Fundraiser w/ Alpha Male Tea Party, Bearfoot Beware, Classically Handsome Brutes & Irk, CHUNK, Leeds

Sat 14th, The Ferret, Preston

Sat 21st, Last ever Carefully Planned Festival w/ Kiran Leonard, Bearfoot Beware, Usa Nails, & many more, Gullivers, Manchester

December 2017

Sunday 31st, Offspring NYE PARTY!, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, £SOLD OUT

March 2018

Mon 12th, Gold Mould presents Bearfoot Beware w/ Please, Believe, John Wheels & Puppy Fat, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow

Thurs 15th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Zozo & Ganglions, Wharf Chambers, Leeds

Fri 16th, Sea Magnolia Album Launch Party w/ Crashtactics & Astral Bodies, Soup Kitchen, Manchester

Sat 17th, Bearfoot Beware w/ A-Tota-So & Naguals, The Audacious Art Experiment, Sheffield

Fri 23rd, Bearfoot Beware w/ Pre-Birds, Too Piste & Them Are They, JT Soar, Nottingham

Sat 24th, M4D SM4SH Presents Bearfoot Beware w/ Sugar Horse, Peaks & Twisted Ankle, Mother's Ruin, Bristol

June 2018

Saturday 2nd, Long Division Festival, The Hop @ 20:30, Wakefield, £25

Thursday 28th, Real Terms w/ Bearfoot Beware, 81 Renshaw, Liverpool

Friday 29th, Bearfoot Beware w/ Real Terms, CHUNK, Leeds

August 2018

Saturday 18th, ArcTanGent w/ Glassjaw, Shellac & loads more, Fernhill Farm, Bristol

Thursday 30th, Quadrant w/ Irk & I Feel Fine, Brighton

Friday 31st, Le 3 Pièces w/ Irk, Rouen, France

September 2018

Saturday 1st, Rocas w/ Irk, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Monday 3rd, Am Gieszerschiff w/ Irk, Leipzig, Germany

Tuesday 4th, Café V Lese w/ Irk, Prague, Czech Republic

Wednesday 5th, Czasoprzestrzeń w/ Irk, Wrocław, Poland

Thursday 6th, Dots w/ Irk, Göttingen, Germany

Friday 7th, Schokoladen w/ Irk, Berlin, Germany

Saturday 8th, La Bulle Café w/ Irk, Lille, France

January 2019

Wednesday 30th, The Messthetics w/ Bearfoot Beware & FailYer, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds