'Sea Magnolia' Review Quotes:

'Sea Magnolia is a math-punk masterpiece that demands your attention.'

Birthday Cake For Breakfast

'When the music can boarder on the cacophonic it complements the discourse in the lyrics forming a noisy beast that challenges you in it’s lyrics and makeup. An invigorating listen that challenges you in several ways.'

Alt Dialogue

'None of the songs on here is straightforward: you won’t find anthemic choruses done to death over predictable structures, and lyrically it’s as just as non-linear in formulation. Every couple of bars you find yourself wondering what’s going to happen next, and whatever you’re probably expecting, it won’t be that. This, of course, is precisely the album’s strength. Predictable it isn’t and there’s never a dull moment. And yet for all that, they still throw in some decent hooks amidst the chaos. It’s a massive achievement – and a great album, if you can hack it.'

Aural Aggravation

'This is good post-punk/math –punk stuff'

Punk Online

'Specialising in the sorts of jazzy post-hardcore that dominated Dischord Records in the 90s, they're the latest in a long line of exciting new bands to spring from Leeds' vibrant musical underground.'

New Band of the Week: TeamRock

'…even I recognise the brilliant musicians that Bearfoot Beware are. If you are of the Alternative/Math Rock/Post Hardcore persuasion, I suspect you might really like this…a lot.'

3 Songs & Out

'World Owes You Nowt' Review Quotes:

'Bearfoot Beware’s triumph is the way they convert disparate and difficult-to-digest elements into comfortably palatable forms, echoing not just the basic sound of their long-gone heroes, but their spirit as well. Top notch.'

The Skinny

'Call it math rock or math core or whatever, I’m not going to lie about it, this album will likely have an audience who already know they like this kind of thing. If you’re not into math rock then this incredibly clever, twisted, stunner of an album likely won’t be the calmest route in. For those of you who enjoy being thrown around by their music, World Owes You Nowt certainly won’t disappoint.'

7 Bit Arcade

 'You don’t have to be a fan of math to enjoy World Owes You Nowt. The songwriting is melodic and ear-catching, with an intelligent pop sentiment that prevents the music from being too cerebral. There’s more to Bearfoot Beware than technical skill and tricky rhythms – there’s also a lot of heart.'

'..a behemoth of a band destined for great things. This is a fantastic record that impresses much more than your average dabble into the review bin, in that I want to go straight back to the beginning and listen again. I think you will too.'

Leeds Music Scene

'..glorious racket the likes of which hasn't been produced in this country for many a year. It's scrappy, it's chaotic but overall it's utterly brilliant.'

Fatea Records

'It’s the soundtrack to universal entropy. It’s a brisk reminder of the ephemeral nature of everything you know. It provides an arena where someone justifiably should have died as a kid. Enjoy this album now because you’re going to die soon too.'

Fecking Bahamas

'Bearfoot Beware have recorded unpredictable, raucous, mayhem that twists and turns like a rabid animal.  Each song chucks out any preconceived notion of how songs should be written.'

Vibrations Magazine

'It’s a riff-ribbed skeleton flailing its withered bones in the dark. A dagger-toothed shark, shifting and striking from the shadows. An industrial pillar drill dancing on a bag of rocks. It’s fucking awesome.'

The Math Rock Blog

'Don’t expect any predictable verse-chorus-verse pop-by-numbers here. But if inventive noise and off-kilter melodies float your boat, then step right up because Bearfoot Beware have got it nailed.'

Whisperin' and Hollerin'

'This is loud and powerful modern guitar music, a relentless reflection of the struggles of modern life and a call for sorting it out yourself, musically and socially. The band are building a DIY community in Leeds and if they have half the energy of their debut record, they’ll nail it in no time.'

Sounds XP

'Bruises And Business' Review Quotes:

'So energetic it will make you want to neck another Jäger.'

7Bit Arcade

'If you like math, and you like punk, well look no further because this is ace.'

This Is Fake DIY

'Amazingly mazy and effortlessly clever'

Musical Mathematics

'Bearfoot Beware are characterised as much by tough, tight playing as by their deliciously devious songwriting. Wall-of-sound energy, sly intelligence and subversive arrangements keep the musical surprises coming. What's not to like?'

Tom Robinson (BBC Radio 6)

'There’s no bush to beat around, it’s pure math-rock, high in volume, with an immediate and positive effect on the listener. I can’t wait to listen to Bearfoot Beware’s next installment, hurry up and make it…'

Independent Music News

'Third EP 'Bruises And Business' from Leeds' genre destroying trio, Bearfoot Beware, is a smash HIT'

Leeds Music Scene

'Bruises And Business is awesome, a musical shot in the arm for anyone losing faith in what modern guitar bands are capable of and a great introduction to Bearfoot Beware’s uniquely inventive punchy mathpunk.'


'Although it’s clear that their music is divisive, I am continually shocked and surprised while listening to them and you have to take your hat off to any band who dares break boundaries.'


'Leeds purveyors of indie / art rock are going from strength to strength, and their real strength is not giving a fuck for fads or fashions'

Whisperin' And' Hollerin'

Live Press Quotes:

'With so many ideas and so much energy crammed into them, Bearfoot Beware clearly find it difficult to contain themselves in their given form and sound like they'd be happy to throw themselves off a cliff just for the hell of it'

Vibrations Magazine

'Their ADHD song structures and complex rapid all-over-the-place playing style sounds constantly like it should all fall apart. But the chaos of their songs is very much controlled; you never once think that they aren’t the ones in charge.'


'They really are awesome, with their huge sound, they storm the stage in visceral fashion. Screeching their way through their set, their sheer energy raises the roof on the Brudenell tonight and we're completely aback. There’s a true power here.'

Muso's Guide

'Whenever anyone mentions Leeds based Bearfoot Beware, I’m brought back to a memory from a couple of years ago when, standing inside the bar area at Green Door Store grabbing a much needed drink in the middle of our Halloween show, none other than Dave Benson Phillips rushes over and informs me “this band are insane, you should be filming this!” Queue me rushing back into the live room to ensure I didn’t miss any more and seeing exactly what he meant; not only is their music incredibly complex, yet enjoyable, they sure as hell put on a performance. As endorsements go, you can’t really disagree with the children’s tele legend.'

7 Bit Arcade